Welcome aboard the Sea of Dreams! A ship that’ll take you on a cruise through the 1940s and will bring you your worst nightmare.


After an evening of seemingly endless partying, you wake up to find you’re the only living passenger walking through the eerie hallways of the vessel. Your first hint? Traces of blood and scattered baggage littering what was once the interior of a bustling cruiseliner. The scene around you makes your goal crystal clear.

Find your way out and get help.

Sea of Dreams is a puzzle-based adventure horror where you explore the empty and darkened hallways of a luxury retro cruise ship. In your search for a way to safety, all you have to guide you are the clues you find along the way. Every item you discover will help you piece together what transpired aboard the Sea of Dreams. But it won’t be quite as simple.

As you cave into your own curiosity more and more with every step, you’ll unearth new puzzles and riddles. Solving them is the only way to move forward. Put your problem-solving skills to the test and unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the other passengers and crew.

Take a deep breath. Brave the hollow halls. Search every nook and cranny for clues. Discover what has turned the Sea of Dreams into a vessel of nightmares.


  • Classic Adventure Vibes - Sea of Dreams has the qualities of a retro point-and-click adventure without the tedium. Discover clues, solve brain teasers, and explore the empty ship with simple, intuitive controls.
  • Head Scratching Puzzles - The path ahead is riddled with puzzles and riddles that’ll challenge your problem-solving skills. Check everything that comes across your way and use the right clues to overcome whatever blocks your way.
  • An Isolated Journey - Aboard the Sea of Dreams there’s no one left but yourself to explore its eerie halls and ransacked rooms. Exploration may fill you with fear but it’s the only way you’ll find a way out.
  • Somber Atmospheric Visuals - Simple yet stylistic, Sea of Dreams’ art style aims to evoke a sense of eerie loneliness.
  • Evocative Ambience - Your every step is accompanied by a mystery-filled soundtrack that’ll keep you on your toes as you open up unexplored paths, tackle challenging puzzles, and plunge yourself deeper down the rabbit hole of what happened to everyone on board.


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Sea of Dreams Credits

Gaëtan Dezeiraud
Business & Game Design & Development, Dezeiraud
Rémi Rétaud
Music, Freelancer
Cha'peau Rouge
Artist, Freelancer